let's talk about the code.

let's talk about the code.

Do you want to access one of your organisation’s greatest untapped resources?

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Break the Gender Code

To drive premium business performance.

What we know to be true is that having women in leadership positions will make a difference to your business performance and bottom line. You may have programs in place, offer flexible working and provide professional development.

But the truth is, if a person does not believe in their own capabilities and that their contribution is valuable, they will not bring all of who they are, their untapped potential, and true discretionary effort to the table. And it is most likely due to the Gender Code.

At Code Conversations™, we work with high potential women within your organisation to break down the code they are currently operating under – releasing them from the conditioning of their own code and stepping into the high performing individuals you know they are capable of being.

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Break the Gender Code

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Unlock the potential in your high performing women

"By helping women and men to understand the impact of the Gender Code, they can recognise the full set of gifts they bring to home, work and the community."- Danielle Dobson

the code book.

Breaking the Gender Code: How to use what you already have to get what you actually want

Do you want to feel as though you can have the career you have always sought and still be fulfilled in all of your roles? It may feel impossible to achieve at a high level in everything you do but perhaps the pursuit of perfection and taking an either/or approach is getting in the way.

What could be driving the high expectations and pressure is the Gender Code.

In Breaking the Gender Code, we explore the codes we live by, so we can break them and create a new, bespoke code, that will use what we already have to get what it is we actually want.

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