let's talk about the code.

let's talk about the code.

Do you want to attract, engage, support and retain more high performing women?

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You’ll Need to Break the Gender Code

The Gender Code describes the inherent gender biases that maintain outdated stereotypes and prevent women from achieving their dreams and success in work and life.

It’s Structural and it’s Personal.

Unless you break the Gender Code, your organisation will continue to struggle with:
– diversity and inclusion overwhelm
– your leaders take a tick box approach that misses the mark and creates disengagement
– high turnover and loss of critical female talent, causing the loss of clients, revenue and reputation.

The fact is, without in-house experience and knowledge in this highly specialised area, you risk significant business risks.

Why the Gender Code?

To drive premium business performance.

You know that having women in leadership positions is an essential part of a diverse and inclusive culture, becoming an employer of choice and meeting business critical KPI’s and objectives.

But the truth is, if a person doesn’t believe in themselves, their value or that they are truly supported, they will not bring all of who they are, their potential and their unique contribution to the table.
Danielle Dobson uses her research-based Code Conversations™ framework to empower the women and men in your organisation to help you expose, decode and recode gender biases in the workplace.
And the result?
You will develop a company-wide playbook that finally unlocks your organisation’s greatest untapped resources to drive premium business performance, while gaining buy in at all levels.

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Break the Gender Code

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Unlock the unqique contribution of your high performing women

"By helping women and men to understand the impact of the Gender Code, they can recognise the full set of gifts they bring to home, work and the community."- Danielle Dobson

professional speaking

Empower leadership at the individual level

As a leading speaker, Danielle talks about finding your “success code” in business. She shares learnings from her research interviewing 100+ high performing leaders and professional coaching clients on how to build inclusive workplaces, and how creating a sense of belonging is key to personal, professional and business success.

She is an expert in helping people in business, in particular women, overcome the stress and overwhelm of high pressures. Danielle helps audiences to find out why, and how to fix it by equipping them with adaptable strategies.

Her fresh and unique approach stems from her successful background in finance and leadership across globally in male-led work environments across Australia, the US & the UK. She’s even gotten her hands dirty on a steel mill in central Italy!

Empower your team with her adaptable strategies, and give them to the tools to thrive amidst ever-evolving workplace dynamics.

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the code book.

Breaking the Gender Code: How women can use what they already have to get what they actually want

Do you want to feel as though you can have the career you have always sought and still be fulfilled in all of your roles? It may feel impossible to achieve at a high level in everything you do but perhaps the pursuit of perfection and taking an either/or approach is getting in the way.

What could be driving the high expectations and pressure is the Gender Code.

In Breaking the Gender Code, we explore the codes we live by, so we can break them and create a new, bespoke code, that will use what we already have to get what it is we actually want.

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