Private Cocahing

Transformational 1:1 Individual Coaching to help you identify what’s wrong, keep what’s strong and work towards what’s next.

Working one on one we focus on strategy, mindset, skill set, energy and resilience so they can navigate through the tough times, release the pressure and most importantly, build on all the strengths they have right now and realise their full potential. During our time together, I hold up a mirror, help them acknowledge the value of their contribution and challenge them to get out of their own way.

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“Danielle is an exceptional coach. In our coaching sessions, she holds space masterfully and brings curiosity, positivity and warmth to the discussion, allowing me to find my own answers and feel joyful about my decisions. I love working with Danielle; she's my go-to whenever I need to resolve a challenge in my life, especially in the areas of leadership and strategy. I'd highly recommend working with Danielle if you want to grow toward a happier, more productive and more powerful life.”

Melanie White, Founder at Downsize Me

Private Coaching is for you if:

You’re ready to step into your power and build a success code that’s tailored for your life and your goals, and will become a blueprint that you can use to work towards a life that you truly desire.

You’re ready to take action to become your best self in today’s times of rapid change
You’re feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and worn out & you recognise that you’re not living the life that you want to be living.
You’re feeling stuck & powerless and you need a third party to help you lay out your current thoughts so you can clearly see what’s going on
Your have a wealth of skills, experiences and solutions which you are currently not maximizing & want to bring these together to drive higher performance or opportunities
Your workplace is competitive, high pressure or even toxic at times and you need help to confidently navigate it
You’re ambitious and motivated to work with a coach that’s dedicated to helping you move forward

“Danielle is warm, friendly and non-judgmental. She has a certain calmness and positivity about her. She actually makes you feel like you can achieve anything. Danielle helped me uncover what was there all along. Any feelings of insecurity and self-doubt were soon replaced with feelings of energy and positivity. My sessions with Danielle have enabled and encouraged me to make changes at work, set goals and be excited about achieving them.”

Raelene, Business Systems Analyst

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