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All Masterclass & workshops have been designed to empower, educate & inspire individuals and teams to master identifying the unwritten societal algorithms that are impacting relationships, careers and businesses & provide them with the skills to build new success codes to reimagine their lives.

Integrating Danielle’s research backed CAAP framework & CIRCLE methodology, attendees will have the tools & knowledge they need to to take what’s strong in their lives today & adapt it for tomorrow’s challenges.


“Danielle has an amazing ability to hold the silence to facilitate the contribution of all, without this we would not have had the pearls of wisdom that were shared among us come out. Her facilitation built the strength and connection of the group.”

Joanna Stuart, Business Owner, Brew Accounting

Professional Development Workshops & Masterclasses

Traditional performance motivators are limited

The approach organisations use to unlock discretionary effort usually focus on external factors such as employer branding programs, organisational values, benefits and perks, flexible working opportunities, professional development and training, stretch projects.

These are all helpful and contribute to a positive culture and working environment. However, the truth is, if a person does not believe in their own capability and that their contribution is valuable then they will not bring their true discretionary effort to the table, use their untapped potential and perform at a sustainable high level for the organisation.


What my research and experience has shown me is that when a person understands how valuable their internal resources are and how much they positively impact people in their world, they feel confident to unlock who they really are and take their performance to the next level.

What helps is to have an advocate with them to break down the barriers and roadblocks that are holding them back. While management teams, senior leadership teams, executive teams may be instrumental in contributing, without support, your people will not give their full capacity. People need to believe on an intrinsic level in their worth to the business. It is an inside/out job.

“I absolutely loved [the presentation] and I really enjoyed how interactive it was. I thought the topics you raised were very powerful and I liked your delivery. We had well over 100 people in attendance online which is fantastic! I was saying to the team that it was definitely one of the best sessions we’ve ever had.”

Diana Dawid, Chief Human Resources Officer, Mills Oakley

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