Let's Talk About Adapting to What's Next:  How to Focus on What's Strong

Thanks so much for joining me for the Let’s Talk About Adapting to What’s Next presentation.

To recap, in this presentation, we covered:

  • Gender Code Training Program & EQ
  • Critical Thinking & Critical Ignoring
  • Focus on What’s Strong for What’s Next

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the code book.

Breaking the Gender Code: How women can use what they already have to get what they actually want

Do you want to feel as though you can have the career you have always sought and still be fulfilled in all of your roles? It may feel impossible to achieve at a high level in everything you do but perhaps the pursuit of perfection and taking an either/or approach is getting in the way.

What could be driving the high expectations and pressure is the Gender Code.

In Breaking the Gender Code, we explore the codes we live by, so we can break them and create a new, bespoke code, that will use what we already have to get what it is we actually want.

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