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Right now, we are in an era of extreme digital disruption and rapid social change. Yet the way we work, the way we think about work and the way we assign work has barely changed. Everyone talks about reimagining work but how do we actually do it?  To solve this question, Danielle has partnered with a selection of support networks, groups, charities, NFPs making a difference in the world with a particular focus on encouraging boys and men, girls and women to build self-respect and respectful relationships.

“How great is this partnership! Thank you, Danielle, for taking the time to understand our organisation, helping us put strategies in place to help make Harris HMC a better place to work and improving female representation. And yes, it takes commitment - we have that in spades!”

Denise Nezis, Group People & Culture Manager, Harris HMC

sage womens health

Danielle has partnered with the team at Sage Womens Health to develop empowerment and self-leadership skills in the women who are seeking support from the Sage team for their career and personal success.

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the purpose ofdeciphering the code

Do you feel you are constantly making compromises and feel conflicted about work and other important areas of your life? Perhaps you have an either/or approach where you think you can have a career or family, career or love. Maybe you think you have to blend your worlds together which is hard to do.

There is a 3rd alternative which you may not even know exists.

To access this, you can navigate through the difficulties, judgment and guilt with simple yet powerful strategies:

  • Question and understand where you are at right now and what your unique context is
  • Understand how your context is influencing you and what message you are buying into
  • Ask if it makes sense anymore
  • Choose where you want to go
  • Build on what you already have
  • Create a new world that works for you, rather than against you

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If your organisation is looking to build with adaptable and actionable strategies using simple frameworks and practical tools within your customers and clients, so they are able to thrive amidst rapidly evolving dynamics get in touch with Danielle using the form below.

    stuck in a boy's club?we can help!

    Are you a female who is stuck in an unsupportive business environment?

    We offer limited slots of bespoke personal coaching tailored for women who don’t want to follow the status quo in life and are looking to transform both their career and life and make them successful & exceptional.

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    "By helping women and men to understand the impact of the Gender Code, they can recognise the full set of gifts they bring to home, work and the community."- Danielle Dobson

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