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This white paper outlines the how the gender divide effects organisational culture at all levels, and how business leaders and HR can work towards building trust.


“Danielle Dobson’s book “Breaking the Gender Code: How to use what you already have to get what you actually want“ makes an important contribution to women, families, and society. Like understanding the structures and illusions that allow a magic trick to appear ‘magic’, understanding the gender code helps us see the beliefs and structures that put so much pressure on women.

Thankfully Danielle goes further than that, providing a framework for each of us to envisage, create, and live our own code. This book is powerful! “


Corrinne Armour, Fearless Leadership® Specialist, Speaker, Mentor, Author of ‘Leaders Who Ask’ & ‘Developing Direct Reports’

“The Gender Code dissects the embedded societal beliefs that busyness and productivity equal worthiness. It is a fantastic book for women, especially busy working mums who constantly feel like they are juggling 15 balls all at once. I found it to be an easy read that contains loads of practical advice. I know I will refer back to it again and again, and gain new insights each time.”


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